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What time is check in/check out?

Check in is 4pm and check out is 11am however if prior and subsequent reservations allow, we are happy to provide for early check ins and late check outs when possible.  In some cases there may be an early check in or late check out fee assessed.   

Can I request an early check in or late check out?

You may certainly ask.  If we have the staff and reservations before and/or after your stay allow for it, we are happy to let you stay and enjoy your unit (or an extra half day of skiing) with a late check out or early check in.  If the unit is not available, we welcome guests to use the garage, get/keep boot locker keys, and we can provide a place to change and store luggage so that extra hours can be well spent on the slopes.  In rare circumstances a late check out or early check in may require a surcharge.   

Will you receive packages for me prior to my arrival?

We are happy to receive shipments of skis and/or other personal items prior to your visit and to help arrange shipment of items back to your home upon your departure.  The Edelweiss’ physical address for shipments is 106 Sutton Place, Taos Ski Valley, NM 87525.  Contact us for more information.

Do you offer private chef or catering services?

We are pleased to offer private chef and catering services.  Contact us for more information and pricing. 

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept cash, traveler’s checks, Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover, and Diners Club.

Do you require a deposit?

The deposit policy varies by season.  For summer reservations with the exception of special events or holiday stay, no deposit is required.  For most winter reservations and special summer stays, a one night deposit is required at the time of booking.  For holiday and peak times in the winter, a deposit of 50% of the projected stay value is taken at the time of the reservation with the balance of the stay value due 21 days prior to arrival. (For reservations made within 21 days of the arrival date, the full amount of the projected stay is charged as a non-refundable deposit).  Note that in practice the second deposit is frequently just authorized or not taken until departure. 

What is your cancelation policy?

Like our deposit policy, cancellation policies vary by season.  Please notify us immediately of any changes or cancellations.   For cancellations received more than 31 days prior to the arrival date, the initial deposit is refunded less a $250 (+ tax) handling fee. For cancellations made between 15 and 31 days prior to arrival the deposit is non-refundable. All cancellations made within 14 days of the scheduled arrival date are subject to the full value of the stay.   Cancellation policies may be more stringent at peak travel periods- call for more details.

To change or cancel a reservation and obtain a cancellation number, please call us at 1-800-458-8754 during normal business hours. 

Do you offer onsite parking?  What is the cost?

The Edelweiss has an on site underground parking garage for its guests.  There is no charge for parking and each reservation is entitled to a single space in the Edelweiss’ garage with additional parking (at no cost) available in the nearly outdoor resort parking lots.  With some frequency additional vehicles may be parked in the Edelweiss’ underground garage if space allows.  Additional parking spaces cannot be guaranteed at the time of booking but are allowed with additional parking passes granted at the time of arrival however we will make notes of requests for additional parking passes at the time of booking.

Is high speed internet / wifi  available?

Yes, the Edelweiss provides high speed internet access is available in all rooms as well as in the lounge area.  Internet service is available via wireless and Ethernet cable options with cables available at the front desk.   It is worth mentioning that Taos Ski Valley is a remote mountain village and as such does not have the tremendous bandwidth options available that many guests may be accustomed to and during peak periods bandwidth may be limited due to the number of guests and devices on line.

Do you offer child care services?

Taos Ski Valley offers childcare and children’s ski school services for children ages 3 months and up throughout the winter season during the hours of operation of the lifts.   The Edelweiss is also happy to help put you in touch with local child care providers for evening services but makes no warrantee for the services provided.

I want flowers, Chocolates, champagne … sent to the room.  How do I do this?

Simply give our capable front desk/concierge staff a call and we are happy to help with such special requests any way we can.  We are happy to make suggestions, coordinate deliveries, and even pick up items from town if provided with enough advanced notice.   

Are there fitness classes available?  If so, where can I find a schedule?

In addition to spa treatments, we also offer private and small group yoga classes and we can design custom classes and/or retreats for groups or individuals. Retreats can be combined with lodging and meal packages.  For an updated scheduled of classes, contact our concierge/front desk staff.

Can I have a massage in my room? 

The Edelweiss spa staff provides their services in our treatments rooms located in the Edelweiss’ spa area.  We do not offer in room spa services and believe that treatments provided in the designated treatment rooms are the best treatments that can be provided in a safe and sanitary manner.

 Is there one or more “must see” local attractions?

Taos is an international destination.  The Taos Pueblo is a National Heritage site and is one of the most visited local destinations.  It is considered to be one of the oldest continuously inhabited communities in the United States.  Other popular sites include the San Francisco de Assisi Mission church (the most photographed church in the US), the Harwood Museum, The Millicent Rogers Museum, The Greater World Community (a sustainable living community consisting of hundreds of Earthships), The Taos Gorge and various temples and ashrams.  Taos also famous for the ballooning trips over AND INTO the Rio Grande Gorge.  This wonderful one of a kind experience can be arranged in summer and winter.

Does the Edelweiss provide business services and conference facilities?

Nearly all business service needs can be arranged through our front desk (printing, scanning, internet, computer use while some services may need to be coordinated during normal business hours.

The Edelweiss has a small meeting room called “The Club Room”.  The Edelweiss’ Club Room measures 20’ x 25’ and tables and chairs can easily be arranged for theater seating (approx. 30 people), U-formation (approx. 24 people), or individual tables to best suit the groups’ needs.

The Club Room offer an integrated sounds system, wireless and Ethernet internet,   as well as complete audio-visual facilities.

Any food and beverage needs for meetings or retreats can be accommodated in house through the Blonde Bear Tavern and/or the Café Naranaja with service in the Club Room or the neighboring property dining room.

Please contact the property’s general manager ( 575-737-6900 ext. 6990) for inquiries

Where can I find a price list for the different amenities you offer?

You can view a list of our standard spa services with prices here.  Contact us with additional questions or for more information.

Does your hotel and the resort offer handicap services?

Our facility is ADA compliant the Ski School at Taos Ski Valley caters to handicapped skiers of all ages.

What will my children need to bring for ski school?

1.   Goggles or sunglasses, preferably with UV protection
2.   Waterproof mittens or gloves

3.   Helmet or hat and/or hooded parka (if not using a helmet)
4.   Ski socks (one pair only)
5.   Wind/Water resistant jacket & pants
6.   Long underwear
7.   Sunscreen
Please make sure to label your child's clothing.  Skis, boots and poles (if needed) will be provided for those students who do not bring their own gear.

Do you allow smoking in the rooms or on the property?

The Edelweiss is a non-smoking property.  We ask that all smoking be done in appropriate areas outside the building and that all related debris be properly disposed of.   A fine of up to $500 may be charged for violations of the no smoking policy.

Do your guestrooms allow for roll aways or cribs?  If so what is the charge for these?

The Edelweiss has roll away beds, full sized cribs, and “pack and play” type cribs available for its guests.  For each such unit there is a one time $35 fee charged per unit provided.  We ask/suggest that advanced reservations for these items be made to assure availability. 

Are toiletries available on site?

All Edelweiss units are stocked with shampoo, conditioner, body wash, body lotion, and bar soap for each rental with replacements provided as required.  Additional toiletries are available from the front desk including tooth brushes, tooth paste, razors, and feminine products.

What are the operating hours for the restaurants?

The Blonde Bear Tavern is open during the winter ski season only.  Its hours of operation are from 3pm daily until closing with the kitchen generally closing at 9pm (or later during peak periods).  The Café Naranja is open daily for breakfast during the ski season from 8am to 11am.  In the summer the Café Naranja is open each Friday through Monday from 8am to 1pm for breakfast and lunch (Memorial Day to early October).

What are the operating hours for the bar?

The bar at the Blonde Bear Tavern is open during the winter ski season only.  Its hours of operation are from 3pm daily until closing.

What are the operating hours for the fitness center?

The Edelweiss fitness center is open every from 7am to 9pm. 

What are the operating hours for the spa?

Our spa is open daily by appointment from 11am to 7pm.  We highly recommend advanced reservations especially during peak periods and in the summer to assure availability of a therapist.

Are after hour massages/spa services available?

Yes, these are available by appointment.

I have a question about my bill.  Who do I call?

Are pets allowed? 

The Edelweiss Lodge & Spa does not allow guests to bring pets into the property.  All the units at the Edelweiss are privately owner by individuals and the Homeowners Association has declared that guests are not allowed to bring pets.  This policy is designed to assure that guests with pet allergies are assured of a pet free environment.  (However note that on occasion owners may bring pets into their personal units.)

Can guest make special request for wine or other alcoholic beverages?

Absolutely.  If our concierge staff are provided with enough advanced notice, we can virtually assure that any specific alcohol requests are met.

How far is the hotel form areas airports?

The Edelweiss is located 155 miles from the Albuquerque International Airport (ABQ) with a driving time of roughly 3 hours.  The Santa Fe Municipal Airport (SAF) is 100 miles from the Edelweiss with a driving time of 2 hours.  The Taos Regional Airport (SKX) offers private aviation service only and is located 20 miles from the Edelweiss with a driving time of just 25 minutes.

May I pre-book airport to hotel transportation?

There are a number of shuttle services operating between Albuquerque, Santa Fe and Taos.  We are happy to provide additional information about shuttles and help arrange for transportation.  See more information on shuttles here (link to

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